About the programme

The Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) programme is a voluntary approach to person-centred health and social care. It aims to:

  • join up health and social care services so people with complex needs, carers and families can shape care that is effective and meaningful to them in their lives.
  • offer councils and NHS commissioners and providers technical support, regulation and financial flexibility to address the barriers they may experience as they change their systems.
  • Partner with the voluntary sector to design effective approaches to change, support individuals and drive the cultural changes needed.

The IPC programme builds on and brings together work on implementing personal budgets in the NHS (opens new window) and the Better Care Fund (opens new window).

IPC brings together health and social care, identifying the total amount of money spent on a person so they can have more control over how this money is used for their support, so that it may be spent in new ways. The goal is for this to lead to:

  • Better quality of life for people with complex needs and their carers, and greater involvement in their care, because it has been designed around their personal needs and circumstances.
  • Less crises in people’s lives that lead to unplanned hospital and institutional care.
  • Better integration and quality of care, including better experiences for people and families.

The IPC programme will work with people who have high levels of need across health and social care, including:

  • people with long term conditions, including frail elderly people at risk of care home admission
  • children with complex needs
  • people with learning disabilities, and
  • people with severe and enduring mental health problems.

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