Information and advice

Good quality, accessible information and advice is critical for promoting health and wellbeing and helping people manage their own health. It is at the heart of personalised care and is an important component of prevention. 

More about Information and advice


The Care Act

Places specific new duties on councils in relation to information and advice.

The NHS Five Year Forward View

States: “we will improve the information that people have access to, not only clinical advice but information relating to their condition and history.”

The power of information: giving people control of the health and care information they need

Information strategy that sets a 10-year framework for transforming information for the NHS, public health and social care.

Key resources

Online information and advice strategy development tool

Templates to support meeting Care Act requirements.

Seeing the benefits: understanding and monitoring the benefits of information, advice and brokerage services

Issues faced by commissioners and providers, with pragmatic suggestions about how monitoring could be improved (includes checklist).

Further information

The Information Standard for Accessible Information

Currently in development, this is specifically detailed in the NHS England Business Plan and is also listed as an Equality Objective.

Patient Information Forum

The UK’s largest membership organisation for professionals working in health information