Patient activation

'Patient activation' is a widely recognised concept that describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a person has in managing their own health and health care.

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Supporting people to manage their health

NHS England is working with the Health Foundation to pilot and evaluate the use of the PAM in the NHS. Across 5 CCGs and the renal registry, the evaluation will look at:

  • the feasibility of measuring PAM across the NHS
  • how activation can support person-centred care at provider and commissioner level
  • what support clinicians and commissioners need to use the measure effectively
  • build the evidence that supporting activation will improve outcomes, reduce costs and reduce inequalities for patients in the NHS.

Key resources

Measuring what really matters

The Health Foundation puts forward ideas to help ensure that the system, and the measures used in the system, always take account of what matters to people living with long term conditions.

Helping measure person-centred care

Research from The Health Foundation about measuring the extent to which care is person-centred.