Peer support

The IPC model of care includes a greater role for peer support where people with health and care needs are enabled to strengthen their connections with people and communities and provide advice and support to one another to more effectively manage their conditions.

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The Health and Social Care Act 2012

Introduced two legal duties, requiring Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and commissioners in NHS England to enable better patient and public participation, including through peer support.

Care and Support Statutory Guidance

The importance of peer support in delivering the new prevention duty and as needing to be an available option for people accessing personal budgets

The NHS Five Year Forward Year

Notes that the NHS "will invest significantly in evidence-based approaches such as group-based education for people with specific conditions and self-management educational courses, as well as encouraging independent peer-to-peer communities to emerge".

Key resources

Transforming participation in health and care

Guide for commissioners to support improved individual and public participation.

Peer support in mental health and learning disability

Briefing paper by Mental Health Foundation based on recent literature.

Peer support and personalisation

National Centre for Independent Living report (2009) on evidence relating to peer support.