About finance

The IPC programme aims to prevent crises and better integrate health and social care by testing an integrated, “year of care” capitated payment model.

This means aligning financial accountability to meeting health and social care outcomes that matter to people as current financial models tend to reward NHS and social care activity and crisis services.

The IPC programme is developing and testing a way to develop a payment method that approximates what how much resource is allocated per-person for a range of services over a fixed period of time in a local population. This amount could then be adjusted to take account of people’s different needs.

It means that people with complex health needs who are not receiving state funded social care, but who may shift between social care or NHS funded services can access an integrated personal budget.

People will be offered personalised care planning and support whether or not they take up the option of a personal budget across health and/or social care.

In all circumstances, the NHS care will remain free and provided on the basis of need not ability to pay.

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